Cold Weather Car Maintenance Tips

1000 × 326​​Before the worst of the winter hits the Streamwood and Schaumburg areas, brush up on our cold weather car maintenance tips to protect your vehicle from the rough conditions. The right preparation can keep your car in top shape, even through the bitter cold temperatures and ice-covered streets. At Elgin Toyota, we're happy to share our top winter car accessories and winterize car services to keep you safe this season. Find out all about how to winterize your car like a pro!

Winter Car Accessories

Your car may drive like a dream during the milder seasons of the year, but winter can take its toll on even the most rugged vehicles. Investing in a few winter car accessories can give your vehicle the boost it needs to handle rough conditions without missing a beat:

  • A set of winter tires can make a huge difference on snowy and icy roads. Winter tires have deeper tread pattern for better grip, and they are designed to deflect slush and road salt away from the vehicle.
  • A set of winter windshield wiper blades can make a huge difference in visibility as snow and sleet falls, helping you drive safely all winter long.
  • A little auto lubricant spray in your locks and door hinges can prevent moving parts from freezing shut in the subzero temperatures.

Winterize Car Care

A little maintenance can go a long way, so learning how to winterize your car is a must. While some of these are simple DIY tasks, our talented technicians would be happy to take care of your car at Elgin Toyota!

  • Fluids: Swap windshield wiper fluid for a cold weather formula and refill your antifreeze to prepare for the winter. Consider changing your oil for a lower viscosity formula if you're due for a change.
  • Battery: You can check for corrosion on the terminals by a quick visual inspection, but be sure to ask your technician to test your battery level.
  • Tires:  Keep your tires in top shape by checking the air pressure and tread periodically.

Winterize the Right Way with Elgin Toyota

Are you ready to get your car ready for the holidays? Schedule your service with Elgin Toyota, and we'll take care of everything! And if you still have questions about winter maintenance, feel free to contact us for personalized recommendations.

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