How to Rotate Tires

service technician looking at a chartRotating tires is an important part of your car care routine, and yet, many Streamwood and Schaumburg drivers find themselves pushing off those routine service appointments. But if you learn the basics behind how to rotate tires, you'll see why so many technicians recommend this simple task. From enhanced handling to a longer lifespan, rotating tires can have a huge effect on your car's performance. Find out how often to rotate tires with Elgin Toyota today, and schedule your service at any time.

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What's the Point of Rotating Tires?

Different vehicles have different drivetrain configurations that bring out different qualities in your driving experience. Front-wheel drive is efficient, rear-wheel drive is sporty, and all-wheel drive is tough. However, these configurations place unequal stress on the tires. For example, front-wheel drive vehicles are probably the most popular on the roads today. This configuration places the majority of stress on the front tires, as you might expect. That means the rear tires may still have plenty of tread left, while the front tires are nearly bald. And that means you have to pencil in a trip to the Toyota Tire Center earlier than planned! When you rotate your tires, you distribute that wear and tear more evenly across your entire set.

How Do I Know How Often to Rotate Tires?

Your tire rotation schedule will vary depending on your make and model, as well as your driving habits. Most technicians recommend rotating tires at the same time you change your oil, so you can get two trips in one. That's usually around every 7,500 miles or six months. But if you put your car through tougher trips or high-mileage commutes, you might want to stop by earlier. Your vehicle type will also determine which rotational pattern your technician uses. Front-wheel drive vehicles typically swap out the front and rear tires to promote more even wear, while performance models and directional tires may need a different treatment.

Get Quality Car Care at Elgin Toyota

Elgin Toyota knows how to rotate tires to get the most out of every set, so don't hesitate to reach out for a tire rotation or alignment in the Elgin area! Our technicians can take care of any auto issue, small or large, so contact us with your questions and we'll get back to you promptly.

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