Why is My Car Leaking Fluid?

car that has a leakIf you've noticed puddles under your vehicle, you might be wondering, "Why is my car leaking and how can I stop it?" If you can't tell the difference between a power steering fluid leak and simple condensation, there's no need to fear! The first step is to take a look at the color of the fluid. Is it dark or light? Does it have a strange odor? While clear and colorless fluid is likely just water, any other color can be cause for concern. So once you've gathered some data, take a look at our cheat sheet and contact us at Elgin Toyota for the next steps!

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Red Tones

The sight of red puddles in your garage may be surprising, but this is a common problem for cars with transmission issues. Take a closer look:

  • Red or Pink: You might have a transmission or power steering fluid leak.
  • Orange: Check for a rusted radiator.
  • Yellow: Radiator coolant might be leaking from a hose or seal.

Blue Tones

You might recognize blue and green liquids from your essential car tools stash, because these chemicals are usually common additives like antifreeze and wiper fluid.

  • Blue: Your fluid reservoir or tubing probably has damage, causing windshield wiper fluid to spill.
  • Green: Antifreeze is leaking from your system through improperly fitted hoses, clamps, or other components.

Brown Tones

Brown fluid is often motor oil or brake fluid, so it's important to take a trip to the dealership to ensure that you get a proper diagnosis.

  • Dark Brown: Dark brown fluid is often old motor oil, but brake fluid can also be the culprit.
  • Light Brown: New motor oil is a light brown color, but so is gear lubricant. If you notice an odd odor in addition to your leak, head to the shop as soon as possible.

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If you're still wondering why is my car leaking coolant or brake fluid, our experts at Elgin Toyota are happy to take over for you. Whether you need replacement parts or something more extensive, our technicians will bring your car back to peak condition. Contact us with any questions about your vehicle, or schedule your service online at any time. We're only a short drive from Streamwood and Schaumburg!

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