48 Hour Exchange Policy Disclaimer:
Consumer may trade in the Vehicle to Dealer for a replacement vehicle ("Replacement Vehicle") and receive a trade-in credit as set forth below at any time prior to the occurrence of the earlier of the following: (a) the expiration 48-hours from the date of this Addendum; or (b) an additional two hundred (200) miles being put on the Odometer. To qualify:

1. The Vehicle must be returned to Dealer during the applicable time period in the same condition as it existed when Consumer took possession, subject to normal wear and tear;

2. While in Consumer's possession, the Vehicle must not be involved in any accident or suffer any damage;

3. Consumer must and hereby holds Dealer harmless and indemnified from any matters arising out of or during Consumer's possession or use of the Vehicle;

4. The Vehicle must be exchange free and clear of all liens and encumbrances;

5. If the Replacement Vehicle's acquisition is to be financed by Consumer, then a lending institution must approve Consumer's credit and unconditionally commit to purchase the retail installment sales contract for the Replacement Vehicle for no less than the amount financed; and

6. Consumer must purchase a Replacement Vehicle from Dealer, the price of which may not be less than 90% of the Vehicle's purchase price, and Consumer must execute all necessary documents in connection with that trade-in transaction.

7. Customer must exchange from dealer's in-stock inventory.

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