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Whether you've just driven your vehicle home from the dealership, or you've been protecting it for years, it's easy to let a small car dent or scratch ruin your day. However, you should know that you have options before you start to sulk! In fact, once you've learned how to repair car dents and scratches at home, the process itself is both quick and easy! Get the help you need from Elgin Toyota, serving Streamwood and Schaumburg.

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DIY Fixes for Scratches

Your local dealership can often help you repair scratches, but sometimes, you may not want to schedule an appointment or pay for the labor that goes into repairs. If you're ready to put in some work, there are a few easy ways to remove car scratches:

  • Sandpaper - A shallow scratch that hasn't gone past the surface can be easily removed with a little 2000-grit wet sandpaper. Apply a rubbing compound to finish off the process.
  • Candle Wax - If you've suffered a deep scratch and want to protect your vehicle's metal body from rust, you can use candle wax to temporarily seal the area.
  • Super Glue - Super glue can be used in the same way, but because it drys clear, some drivers may prefer it to candle wax.
dent in car bumper

DIY Fixes for Dents

Major dents should be dealt with by a professional, but smaller ones can be fixed up at home in just a few minutes. Here are our favorite dent repair techniques:

  • Plunger - That's right! You can often use a common household plunger (or a specialized version) in order to pop a dent back into place.
  • Hammer or Mallet - If you can reach the other side of the dent, you might be able to use a hammer or a mallet to carefully knock the panel back into shape. In order to avoid further damage, place a towel in between the mallet and the site you'll be hammering.
  • Dent Puller - Those who have access to a specialized dent puller can fix larger problems on their own, but be warned: You'll need to drill a hole through the dent and refill it after you've moved things back into place.

The Elgin Toyota Service Department Is Here to Help!

There's no shame in bringing your vehicle to the experts. If you're concerned that you don't know how to repair the scratches and dents on your vehicle, simply schedule an appointment with Elgin Toyota today. For great savings, be sure to check out our rotating parts and service specials before you visit.

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