Keep Your Engine Clean For Better Performance

Are you intimidated by the thought of cleaning your engine? There are a lot of important components under your hood, and keeping them clean can increase vehicle performance. Elgin Toyota knows that an informed motorist gets the most out of their vehicle, so we're here to tell you everything you need to know about cleaning your engine.

You'll need a garden hose, a degreaser, a small brush with plastic bristles and a few shop rags to clean your engine. You can also use a power washer if you have one. There are degreasers on the market that are designed specifically for automobiles, but regular kitchen degreasers work just as well.

Before you wash your engine, remove any plastic covers and protect electrical components with plastic bags. Let your engine cool with the hood open for 15 minutes. Thoroughly soak your engine with degreaser, scrub it and rinse well.



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