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The Prius Prime Earns the Green Car Award


The Prius lineup has changed the hybrid car segment forever, and the Prius Prime is the latest example of Toyota's forward-thinking design. The Prius Prime was recently named as the latest 2017 World Green Car award winner, a major achievement for this amazing vehicle. While the competition was tough, the Prius Prime was uniquely qualified to pave the way for green technology of the future. Find out all about this award-winning…
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Your Safe Driving is Being Depended On

The moment you get behind the wheel of your vehicle you become someone that people depend on. Safe driving is not just for you and your passengers. Safe driving is also for other drivers on the road, and it's just as important.

Driving takes on a huge responsibility for assuring that you’re being safe even when other drives are not.

So what is it that you can do to assure that you’re being a responsible driver? First and foremost; always stay alert and maintain your focus. Keep your attention on where you’re going. Never eat while…

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Have a Windshield Crack Repaired for Safety Reasons

You want any driving that you do in your vehicle to be driving that is safe and completed in a smart way. You cannot drive in a safe and smart way if you are driving with a crack in your windshield. The windshield is important, and it must be in good shape at all times...

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Finding the Root Cause of the Check Engine Light

Your check engine light could be on for one of several different reasons. It could be on for something as simple as a loose hose, or it could be like that because of something severe. You may be able to tell what caused the problem if you recently did something different. You may be able to spot a hose that you forgot to reconnect, for example. A reliable auto mechanic can perform a variety of tests to pinpoint the exact cause of a hidden problem. This person has specialized tools and computers that can help you to deal with your…
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Your next vehicle: A long term investment or short term agreement?

Let's face it; the decision to purchase a vehicle with a loan or lease it can be stressful. Once you have found that perfect vehicle that fits your lifestyle, your needs and your preferences, how do you finance it?

Some advantages to buying a vehicle with a loan include:

  • When your vehicle is paid off, you own the vehicle.
  • There is no restriction of mileage on the vehicle.
  • There is more flexibility in buying a vehicle with a loan.

Some advantages of leasing a vehicle include:

  • When your lease expires, you have options, depending on what you want in…
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When Your Brakes Squeak

The only two pedals that you use to drive a car are the gas pedal and the brakes. Brakes can be tricky to learn and people usually leave it to the mechanics when they need to get them fixed or replaced. Here are a couple of reasons why you should check your brakes from time to time.
You wouldn't want to get you or your passengers hurt, or the person on the other side of the accident. The next time you're driving and brake, see if there's a squealing or sharp pitched sound. That's a small…
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2018 Toyota Camry Highlights Chicago Auto Show

The all new Camry, which was described as "sexy" by Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda at its global debut in January, will be appearing among more than 50 cars, trucks and SUVs in Toyota's exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show.

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