Designed with safety in mind, the Toyota Highlander is a popular midsize SUV enjoyed by drivers everywhere. The new Toyota Highlander offers a complete safety system that works with the intuition of the driver, providing warnings in a wide range of settings to make driving safer.

The Pre-Collision System with Low-Light Pedestrian Detection helps detect other vehicles, pedestrians, and even bicyclists. The system has been upgraded to include low-light situations, making it easier to detect pedestrians. The system uses millimeter-wave radar and camera, alerting you of possible hazards. If you don't brake, the system automatically brakes for you to minimize impact. The lane departure alert feature will let you know if you are outside of your marked lane at a speed of 32 miles an hour or higher. If you don't correct the vehicle, the steering assist function does it for you gently.

Take a Toyota Highlander out for a test drive today and test the many features offered.


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