When it comes to popular subcompact cars, the Toyota Yaris should be at or near the top of every driver's wish list. The Yaris is a stylish modern car with a sleek design that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

One great multipurpose feature present on the Toyota Yaris is the available integrated fog lights. They not only beautifully work into the rest of the design concept, but they serve a very practical purpose of improving visibility when weather conditions are not as favorable. Another great feature of the Yaris is the heated power mirrors with built-in turn signal indicator. The built-in heating element in the mirror helps to ensure that your visibility won't be affected by fog or ice, while the mirror's design seamlessly integrates with the flowing lines of the main body of the Yaris.

Does the Toyota Yaris sound like the right car for you? If so, come on down to Elgin Toyota, where are friendly staff will gladly help you by answering questions and setting up a test drive around our convenient location in Streamwood.


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